Specified Operable Partitions lately?

Your specs are probably wrong!

This year’s CSI National Conference theme was “Mastering Change”. Has any Division 10 specification section changed over the past five years more than operable partitions? 

Since 2018, two of the top U.S. operable partition manufacturers have gone out of business – Panelfold and Hufcor. These two now-defunct companies have been listed in most operable partition specifications for several decades. Some specifiers have updated their operable partition specifications, and some have not. In either case, change has again come to the market, likely making the currently listed products in your 10 22 26 – Operable Partitions specifications, obsolete. 

In June 2023, Kwik-Wall Company obtained the intellectual property rights to HUFCOR products and is actively offering the Hufcor 600 Series partitions for specific market segments and performance requirements.

Kwik-Wall has been manufacturing high-quality, acoustically rated operable partitions since 1961, offering welded steel framed 3000 and 2000 series panels that provide a plethora of current, designer finish options, industry-best, certified sound control, and maximum layout flexibility.

The addition of the HUFCOR 600 Series by Kwik-Wall gives architects, specifiers, and end-users enhanced options, especially for convention center and hospitality clients.


In 2023, Kwik-Wall
has championed the
“Mastering Change”
CSI theme!

We look forward to assisting you in doing the same. Find editable 10 22 26 Operable Partition specs online or contact us for assistance info@kwik-wall.com. If you’re starting to use AI tools to help draft initial specs, let us review the accuracy and nuance only long-term industry professionals can provide.

By listing Kwik-Wall as the basis of design or as an approved supplier, you will get the best Kwik-Wall, and now, Hufcor by Kwik-Wall product offerings to meet your projects’ performance criteria.  

An additional operable partition market change that all specifiers should be aware of is Kwik-Wall’s new Luminous® line of movable glass walls. 

Luminous interior commercial partitions offers the most robust lineup of glass wall products available from any operable partition manufacturer! 


From the fully automated self-locating programmable capability and 50 STC acoustical performance of STELLA™;  LUNA™ sliding, folding top and bottom supported systems with 43 STC;  Ultra-sleek, single-glazed ILLONA™ in multiple configurations, the Kwik-Wall Luminous line offers premier aesthetics along with key performance options that specifiers are looking for. Luminous AVA™ frameless model and MATA ™ timber-framed products round out the Kwik-Wall Luminous movable glass wall offering – more performance features than any other operable wall manufacturer today.  

Click for more info on Luminous Glass Walls

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