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3000 Series  4” panel thickness 43-56 STC
2000 Series  3” panel thickness 42-51 STC

KWIK-WALL Operable Walls set the standard for ease of use, durability, aesthetics and sound control. Available in flexible layout and storage configurations to optimize your interior space division needs, set up times are minimal, allowing your interior spaces to transform with little effort.

Choose from manually operated single or hinged paired panels, or automate your set-up with continuously hinged, electric operation KWIK-WALL Operable Walls are available with ADA inset pass doors, storage pocket door closures, and a myriad of standard or custom panel finishes, limited only by your imagination.

KWIK-WALL 3000 Series — The industry’s premium performance steel panel operable wall, engineered at 4” panel thickness and manufactured for rugged durability to fit openings up to 30’0” tall, and in unlimited opening widths, Series 3000 steel panels are certified by independent acoustical laboratory testing to achieve the industry’s best-in-class acoustic performance up to 56 STC.

KWIK-WALL 2000 Series — Engineered at 3” panel thickness to minimize panel storage footprint, Series 2000 operable walls are Kwik-Wall’s most cost-effective operable wall choice. Available in all panel configurations, with certified STC ratings from 42 to 51 STC, you can depend on 2000 Series Operable Walls for acoustical performance and durability.

Kwik-Wall 2030 hinged paired panels with pocket doors and pass door panel
Room layout flexibility with Series 3030 paired panels, high sound control,.
high STC sound control, space division layout flexibility with Series 3030 paired panels, high sound control,.

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