Emergency Service – When you need immediate service for your operable partitions, connect with your local Kwik-Wall distributor, or call Kwik-Wall direct @ 217.522.5553 during regular business hours – You’ll talk to a real person who can give you real answers.


Kwik-Wall distributors are operable wall experts, not just Kwik-Wall operable wall experts –  so even if your walls are not made by us, your local Kwik-Wall distributor is equipped with the knowledge and ability to assess and make repairs to operable walls from any manufacturer.


Scheduled Maintenance – At a minimum, every Kwik-Wall partition installation should get annual inspection to ensure that they continue to operate smoothly across your room layout, and that the partition’s perimeter seals are working as designed in order to maintain their original sound control.  Your local distributor can ensure that your wall continues to perform without any downtime, with regular annual partition inspection.


Ask your local distributor to offer their service contract and they will keep track of your partitions condition and recommend any needed service for you.   Kwik-Wall distributors can even set up training for new employees.  Learning to operate partitions in a consistently safe and proper manner is the best way to  keep them working trouble free, for years to come.  


Refurbishing – Kwik-Wall movable walls are designed for rugged use and built to outlast your room’s décor. Skilled in the art of panel recovering and refurbishing movable wall products, Kwik-Wall distributors can make your walls look and operate like brand new – regardless of who manufactured them!  Don’t trust your renovation project to subcontractors not skilled in operable wall refurbishing – just call the operable wall experts –  your local Kwik-Wall distributor! 

Available finishes:  See our full array of architectural panel finishes.  Any operable wall manufacturer’s walls can be recovered by trained Kwik-Wall Distributors. Already have a panel finish in mind that we don’t offer? Give our customer service team a call @ 217.522.5553 and we’ll make sure it’s compatible for field application on operable walls. 

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Kwik-Wall’s extensive  network of trained, certified independent distributors are specialists in movable partitions and are ready to help with any of your sales, installation,  service,  maintenance, training or partition refurbishing needs.

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