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Does your project have a tight schedule and an even tighter budget to meet?  Are you unable to support the weight of the partition from the existing overhead building structure? Unispan by Kwik-Wall is your answer!

Unispan – a highly successful Hufcor product, is now available from Kwik-Wall through the acquisition of the intellectual property rights to Hufcor products in North America.  Unispan’s partition support system is the perfect solution to the high cost and long lead times associated with typical steel wide flange beam and steel post partition support construction that frequently involves a structural engineering load calculations, steel sourcing and fabricators, and support system erectors who are likely unfamiliar coordinating beam punching layouts. 

Single-sourcing your Unispan operable wall support with your Kwik-Wall operable partition in one subcontract can save significant schedule time by eliminating the additional management overhead associated with coordinating multiple subcontractors, including structural engineering firms, steel beam suppliers, fabricators and installers. 

Unispan is pre-engineered to  carry the exact load of your Kwik-Wall partition system, reducing a significant percentage of the total cost, effort and risk associated with the typical support design, fabrication and install process.

Your local Kwik-Wall certified distributors can furnish and install the Unispan support system into your project with minimum lead time. Perfect for tenant build-out projects, as well as for new construction projects. In tenant build-outs, both support and partition installation can often be completed at the same time! 

Take schedule and budget worry out of your next project with Unispan –  now from Kwik-Wall!   

  • Reduce your project’s timeline! Perfect for quick-turn TI projects or in retrofit situations where the existing structure isn’t capable of supporting the operable wall.  
  • Reduce your overall cost by eliminating the number of steps and involved parties and subcontractors.
  • Pre-engineered to your exact operable wall support requirements.
  • Designed for anticipated deflection with engineered-in camber.  
  • Partition weight is transferred to floor by support post connections at each end.
  • Minimal sway brace connections to existing structure above for lateral stability only.
  • Unispan can be fully recessed into the ceiling plenum, partially recessed or installed below ceiling with side truss panels matching  the operable wall finish material that maintain the acoustic integrity of the partition’s STC rating.
  • Unispan’s structural aluminum posts can be installed against finished opening walls,  recessed into post pockets or installed behind the finish sheet rock.
  • Sized in components that will fit in most construction elevators, Unispan – can eliminate the need for cranes to lift steel beams into your building, and for glazers to remove and reinstall exterior windows for access.
  • Adheres to Zone 4 seismic ratings providing you with peace of mind in seismically-challenged locations.

Unispan support for Kwik-Wall 2030 paired-panel operable walls
Unispan support for Kwik-Wall FlexTact tactical training operable walls
Fully recessed Unispan Support for Luminous AVA frameless glass wall.

Kwik-Wall also offers a field-assembled overhead structural support, Kwik-Span, in the occasion where a Unispan system may not meet site conditions.

Contact Kwik-Wall for more details and assistance with Kwik-Span systems. 

Talk to your local authorized Kwik-Wall distributor and find out just how much time and money you can save with Unispan’s engineered truss support system!  

Available now from Kwik-Wall.

Kwik-Guide: Unispan Partition Support System


UNISPAN Partition Support


Paired Panel Operable Walls: Models 3030, 2030 Select Luminous Glass Wall Models & Configurations




1, 2 or 3 SECTIONS - based on fin. opening width


Aluminum, Steel 


39'-8" (based on partition model & weight)


Single or split stacking hinged pair panels only


Less than 100 lbs./lineal foot

TRUSS FINISH (visible)

Clear Anodized Aluminum

SIDE PANELS (partial/full below ceiling mount)

1/2" MDF SUBSTRATE 24" X 48" sections, with selected finish material covering

TRACK (bottom truss chord)

6063-T6 Clear Anodized Aluminum


6063-T6 Clear Anodized Aluminum, The floor shall support a maximum of 360 psi at each post.


2.5" X 5"


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